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Harry Potter World Of Wizarding

Travel Portal brings you to the world of wizarding with Harry Potter! Discover the filmmaking magic as we walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter to go behind the scene where you can see the making of Harry Potter. It is a great place to experience how the film of Harry Potter being broadcast and the special effects you can see. Time to visit Warnes Bros Studio and enjoy your day of fun and joy!

Harry Potter at Warnes Bros Studio

For Harry Potter fans, you will definitely want to visit London at Warnes Bros Studio where you will experience the world of magical witchcraft and wizardry. You will need to take a bus ride tour to Warnes Bros Studio with introductory of what you will see when you reach the studio. Find out more about Harry, Ron and Hermione as you travel in their footsteps at the world of London tour. It will be a fun magical day with all the secrets of behind the scenes tour at Warnes Bros Studio. You will see first hand of the props, costumes and sets being used for all Harry Potter films including locations of Great Hall, Dumbledore's office and Hagrid's hut. You may want to drop by the Platform 9 3/4 where Hogwarts Express departs from Kings Cross. Over there, you can take a snapshot of yourself pushing the trolley through the magical world.

You will visit the Harry Potter shop where you can purchase world wizarding merchandise, souvenirs, wands and collectibles items. You get to see all the ultimate behind the scenes where Harry Potter film made. View hundreds of props used as well as costumes and set for the films. Also get a chance to see get a ride on the broomstick and fly. All I can say, it will be an all day of fun and joy!

Here are some photographs of what you will see at the Studio!

Warnes Bros Studio
Photo taken outside of Warnes Bros Studio
Warnes Bros Studio outside
Photo taken after entering the Studio
Photo taken on the wall of the Studio
Walls of photo
Photo taken at information hall
Information center
Photo taken Harry's room
Harry room
Photo taken at the Great Hall
Great Hall
Photo taken at the Great Hall
Great Hall
Photo taken at the Great Hall
Great Hall
Photo taken of the phoenix
Photo taken of the masks
Photo taken of the Hogwarts Castle
Hogwarts Castle

There are too many pictures taken at Harry Potter Warnes Bros Studio to be shown here. It will definitely worthwhile visiting this place and enjoy a day touring every corner of the studio and admiring the display. We will add more photos in the gallery pages for you to glimpse of some stuffs you will see at the studio. Our tour at the studio from 10.30am till 4pm in the afternoon. Hope you will not miss your chance of visiting this place as many of us had enjoyed every single minute of our time scrolling along the pathway as we viewed behind the scenes for the making of Harry Potter's films. You get a chance to buy your favorite wand and costume. Not forgetting to grab some of the souvenirs along the way in the studio. Hope you will enjoy the tour as much as we did.