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Xuan Kong

San Yuan Xuan Kong Feixing school of Feng Shui, the judgement for the auspicious and harmful of a star chart is based on the Bagua and the Wuxing theories. Timeliness of the stars in a given situation. Understand the Bagua correlation and the Five Elements relationships we can use the same principles to prescribe the cures to change misfortunes and to dissolve the harmful Sha qi....

Xuan Kong

Sha Qi is harmful to us and instead of trying to fight bad Qi, it will be better to transform it to goodness. If the element is Metal that is causing harm to us then by using the destructive cycle, we can apply Wood element to reduce the effect of Metal. Same goes with Earth element and Water element, by using Metal can help to reduce the Earth effect while generate Water (productive cycle) to suppress the bad Qi of the Earth.

Learn the simple concept principles of Yin and Yang with the Wuxing (Five Elements) to transform itself as a cures to bad Qi.

The word Jie Hua (cure) means to interpret as solving a problem or solution to transform bad qi(sha qi) into good qi (sheng qi). When we need a cure to a problem, it means that we have to know where there is an imbalance of qi of the house. With your knowledge and understanding the concept of Feng Shui, you can change the disadvantage situation into advantage. The so called cure does not lie upon an object but rather how you can interpret and response to that situation.

1. Star 2 represents courageous and vicious fighting while 5 Yellow is a star of misfortune. If we encounters the 2, 7, 3 and 5 stars, we can transform their harmfulness by:

a) Using Star 4 (Green) to aid Star 3 (Jade), because Star 3 is Zhen Gua and the eldest son whilst Star 4 is Xun Gua and the eldest daughter. Son and daughter or male and female will complement each other and help to dissolve the harmfulness through harmony.

b) In order to reduce Star 7 Red effect of causing any troubles, we can use Star 8 (White) because Star 7 is Dui Gua and youngest daughter, whereas Star 8 is Gen Gua and youngest son. Combining both Yin and Yang of daughter and son will again balance each other and lead to peace and harmony.

c) When it comes to Star 2 (Black), use Star 6 (White) because Star 2 (Black) is Kun Gua and mother while Star 6 (White) is Qian Gua and father. Withour a doubt we know that mother and father will always resolve issues eventually and lead to peace.

d) If we encounter the Star 5 Yellow, use Star 8 White Earth to help to change the bad qi because Star 8 White is Yin Earth (Chou) and 5 Yellow is Yang Earth (Wu in the centre is dry Yang Earth). As we do know that Yin and Yang Earth will complement each other and lead to balance again.